What we believe

MySupport College puts lived experience and a person centred approach at the core of our learning outcomes.

MySupport College is built for people who can choose the services they need, provided by people with pride and control over their working life. We teach workers to delight their customers whilst they care for them. Offering a full pathway to employment and qualifications through online learning, formal educational qualifications and real – world learning experiences.

We offer accessible and flexible online learning to the health and social care sectors in UK. Our framework of peer to peer support, ‘experts by experience’ driven online content and teaching delivers unique courses, learning experiences and accredited qualifications unavailable anywhere else.

Our courses are responding to the changing market of social care where people increasingly arrange their own care. The new consumer generation, no longer satisfied with the current short, time and task visits, will require more from their carers. Our learners will be able to act independently as carers with formal qualifications, self worth and choice and control over where they work and who they work with, breaking the vicious circle of inadequate training, poor customer experience and unhappy staff.

Make a difference.

Online training and 1-to-1 mentorship for health & social care workers in the UK.


Support people to actively shape their own lives by working alongside them regularly and helping with day-to-day tasks.

Support the lifestyle of your customer

See your customers as people with choice and control over the solutions they need and the lifestyle they want.

Intentional planning

Use our support planning process to help your customer plan their life.


MySupport College

Albany House

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